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A neutral (ph 7) blend of alcohols and surfactants which do not contain methyl alcohol or ammonia. Designed specially for cleaning and brightening windows, mirrors, showcases, all glass and hard surfaces. Glass Brite is concentrated and should be diluted 3 to 1 to comply with V.O.C. regulations.


A fast-acting ammoniated cleaner that removes soil and leaves surfaces bright and shining. Spray on or apply with a sponge to windows, mirrors, file cabinets, stainless steel, countertops, aluminum doors, etc. Excellent results on Plexiglas. Kleer Brite should be diluted 4 to 1 to comply with V.O.C. regulations.


A product formulated with D-Limonene to “naturally” degrease and lift soils from hard surfaces. A safe and highly effective all purpose cleaner with a pleasant citrus fragrance.


A general-purpose cleaner, detergent that is safe and effective. It requires no primers or neutralizers and can be used in either hot or cold water – because of its high concentration and quick cleaning action, no hard scrubbing is required. Has rapid wetting, soil displacement and emulsification to give rapid detergent action and complete soil-free rinsing. Able to tackle the most stubborn soil where mildness and safety are

important. Can be used on floors, walls, desks, furniture, woodwork – safe on all finishes. Pink Label conforms with the requirements of the Rubber Manufacturers Association specifications.



A concentrated all purpose citrus cleaner, degreaser and deodorant. Safely and easily removes grease and soil deposits on a wide variety of surfaces. Simply spray on and wipe off for fast labor-saving cleaning. Leaves a lingering fresh scent of citrus fruit.

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