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About Us

Products for industrial plants, hospitals, nursing facilities, schools, churches, apartment complexes, and both government and corporate facilities.

Our History


In 1947, the Metropolitan Transit Authority came into being and began servicing the Boston Elevated Railway in 14 cities and towns in metro Boston. They needed a product that absorbed oil and stayed put. Thomas Brock filled that need with sawdust, ground and packaged in his Dorchester Savin Hill warehouse. Before long, Brock was supplying glass cleaner for the MTA and other local industries, and his success enabled him to manufacturer additional powder compounds to serve the needs of a rapidly expanding economy. There was a need for additional manufacturing warehouse and office space. Brock relocated the business in 1968 to a suburb of Boston.


As the Boston area grew, so did Savin’s business. In 1982 the company was purchased by Joseph and Margaret D’Ambrosia. The company’s product line expanded as new products were developed and reformulated to meet industry changes and the needs of a growing list of distributors. As more and more Savin products were formulated, requirements for labeling, packaging, and distribution increased. Today, Savin offers an ever-growing product line of innovative, safe, and environmentally healthy products from continuous updated modern facilities, delivered in Savin’s truck, and with or without private labeling for distributors. Savin remains a family run business located in Randolph, MA.


Our reputation for high quality and services is unsurpassed in the New England area. We are known for our:


  • Product innovation and continuous improvement

  • Modern manufacturing facilities

  • Diverse product line

  • Knowledgeable “no hype” sales

  • Effective customer training on products and procedure

  • Friendly customer service

  • Commitment to safety and the environment


It is our product innovation and continuous improvement process that gives our customers peace of mind knowing that Savin Products comply with strict safety guidelines and are designed to drive down your cost of maintenance.