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Kitchen hand soap products

Savin Products produces a variety of products that speed kitchen cleaning jobs along delivering noticeably brighter and clearer results.

Kitchen: Hand Soap


A safe, non-irritating cleaner that leaves hands smooth and soft. Abundant in rich, creamy lather. Contains no petroleum or other water-insoluble solvents. Can be used with water or as a waterless hand cleaner. Fast acting - biodegradable with a pleasant odor.


PKG: 4 Gal Case, 5 Gal Pails, 30 and 55 Gal Drums

Pearlessence Lotion Hand Cleaner

Our products are sold exclusively through re-sellers. Non-standard packaging and private labeling available upon request. Contact us for a list of distributors or to inquire about private labeling.

Kitchen: Hand Soap


Manufactured from coconut - not blended with any other oils. Produces more copious lather than soaps made from other oils. Excellent cleaning action leaves hands soft and smooth, has a pleasant coconut odor.


PKG: 4 Gal Case, 5 Gal Pails, 30 and 55 Gal Drums

Coconut Hand Soap

Kitchen: Hand Soap


Rich and full in true soap content and will lather freely in any water. Pink Hand Soap cleanses thoroughly and quickly, strong enough to remove heavy soil, yet is soothing, almost like a lotion to the tenderest skin. It is quicker and far more economical.


PKG: 4 Gal Case, 5 Gal Pails, 30 and 55 Gal Drums

Pink Hand Soap

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