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Laundry bleach and additives

Rely on Savin Products for fabric safe detergents and additives that keep garments clean and fresh while cutting cycle times.

Laundry: Bleaches


A safe, gentle, oxygen bleach for use on all fabrics, linen, cotton, and all synthetics. Contains no chlorine and leaves no residue to cause irritation. Excellent results when used as a pre-soak.


PKG: 35 or 100 LB Pails, 350 LB Drums

Ultra White

Laundry: Bleaches


A special stabilized detergent compound using 15% organically held chlorine for maximum fabric protection, yet superior bleaching and brightening power for all fabrics. A strong deodorizing additive for detergent systems.


PKG: 50 or 100 LB Pails, 350 LB Drums

Kloro White

Our products are sold exclusively through re-sellers. Non-standard packaging and private labeling available upon request. Contact us for a list of distributors or to inquire about private labeling.

Laundry: Bleaches


An industrial laundry bleach with a 12.5% sodium hypochlorite solution. May also be used as a laundry pre-soak. Excellent deodorizer and stain remover resulting in whiter whites!


PKG: 4 Gal Case, 5 Gal Pails, 30 or 55 Gal Drums

Savklor Bleach

Laundry: Additives


Safe to use on all washable fabrics leaving them soft, fluffy, and static free. Has special cationic surfactant properties to soften natural and synthetic fabrics by actual absorption effect. 2 oz's. of San Soft added to 8-10 lb. wash load during the final rinse cycle will give optimum softening results.


PKG: 4 Gal Case, 5 Gal Pails, 30 and 55 Gal Drums

San Soft

Laundry: Additives


Designed for use in a multi-component washing system.Very effective on grease as well as particulate soils. Contains optical brighteners. Softens hard water to eliminate scale build-up.


PKG: 4 Gal Case, 5 Gal Pail, 30 and 55 Gal Drums

Built Detergent

Laundry: Additives


Highly alkaline built detergent designed as a laundry booster. Improves cleaning performance when used with standard detergent systems. Softens water while attacking soil.


PKG: 5 Gal Pails, 30 & 55 Gal Drums

Laundry Break

Laundry: Additives


Laundry additive formulated for use in the rinse cycle. Neutralizes residual alkalinity from materials. Reduces yellowing and prolongs fabric life.


PKG: 5 Gal Pails, 30 & 55 Gal Drums

Laundry Sour

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